initial meeting

No charge for this meeting, usually lasts about an hour. I can meet at your building site for new construction and we can then relocate to a local coffee shop to chat. For remodels we can meet at your existing building so I can get a sense what we are starting with. You should have a general sense of what you'd like the construction budget and schedule to be. I’ll share some samples of my work. After this meeting, I'll send you a Design Services Agreement to review and sign, which outlines the various phases, scope, fees, and gives an estimate of hours.

programming meeting

This is where you give me all your ideas and dreams about what you want your home to be. Bring your collection of magazine clippings, dog-eared design books, lists of needs, wants and wishes; any information you feel would help convey your vision. How will you use the space, both indoors and out? What is the quality of the space you are imagining? Open and airy? Small and cozy? A little of both? Formal? Casual? Do you cook and entertain? Do you want the ultimate entertainment center or do you read for entertainment? Do you have any hobbies that require a special place? Do you work at home? Do you have specific furniture pieces or artwork you'd like a special spot for? These are the types of questions you should be prepared to answer. I can help you gather the necessary site information: surveys, septic info, geotech info for bluff properties, etc, in preparation for the next phase.

pre-design + schematic design (About 30% of total hours)

This is the first round of design. I create a base site plan drawing to work with and then spend time on the site documenting the design parameters. Where are the view corridors? How does the land slope? What is the solar exposure? Where are the neighboring buildings and what do they look like? What is the existing vegetation? Are there special trees? This site information is then added the site plan, along with zoning code setbacks. With a complete site plan and your information from the programming meeting I can then get to the work of designing the building. At the schematic presentation meeting I'll show you the site plan and floor plans (drawn in CAD), building sections and elevation sketches to give you a sense of the building’s spaces, forms and textures. You'll take drawings with you (I can also send you PDFs of the drawings) to study further. This a good time to have your builder begin preliminary estimating to make sure the budget is on track. Once you have had the opportunity to collate your thoughts and comments about the design we can move onto the next phase.

design development (About 40% of total hours)

Based on your comments on the schematic, I'll work on revisions to the design. I’ll start to specify materials, specific window and door layouts, structural systems, etc. All drawings are constructed in CAD, plans, foundation plans, framing plans, sections, elevations. I show furniture and scale figures in the drawings to give you a sense of the spaces. I'll send the drawings to a structural engineer, who'll provide you with a quote for their work. I’ll work with your builder, supplying them with progress drawings and bulding information so the construction budget can be refined. I will keep you up-to-date with the design and drawing progress and let you know what decisions you can be making. During this phase the design is refined and fully realized.

construction documents (About 25% of total hours)

All the plans, sections, elevations, and details are fully developed. Window and door schedules are completed, materials and methods are specified as required, the structural engineering work is integrated into the drawing set and all necessary notes and dimensions are added. I'll complete the building permit application, submit the drawings to the appropriate planning department, and follow up to make sure the permit is processing in a timely manner.

construction consultation (About 5% of total hours)

I’m available to answer any questions the builder might have and provide additional detailing. I can make site visits as you require during construction to see how things are progressing. If you’d like, I’ll provide assistance with your final finish selections. That’s it. Your home is built and ready for you to move in!


I work hourly at $75/hour, billing monthly for the hours worked during the previous month. As part of my proposal I will provide an estimate of hours required to complete your project. Through experience I am able to provide very accurate fee estimates and the monthly billing provides reference points to make sure the fees are on track with the original estimate. I work with you to keep the process on track, focused and on budget. My design fees typically run 3-5% of construction costs (perhaps more for smaller remodels). Add to this structural engineering fees of 0.5-1.5% of construction costs (you contract separately with the structural engineer and pay their fees directly, though I do all the coordination and communication regarding the structural design) for total design fees of 3.5-6.5%. Compare this to typical architectural design fees of 10-15% of contruction costs.


All in all, for the level of design thought and expertise, practical experience and technical knowledge, working with David Price Projects makes great financial sense.